Protecting People With Chronic Lung Disease During the Pandemic

Today the U.S. reached the grim milestone of 200,000 deaths due to COVID-19. The coronavirus is particularly worrisome for people with other health conditions.

In this Mediaplanet article, Dr. Albert A. Rizzo, chief medical officer for the American Lung Association, tells me how people with chronic lung disease can protect themselves.

Here’s an excerpt:

Dr. Rizzo recommends people with lung disease maintain healthy habits, including proper sleep, diet, and exercise, as well as not smoking or vaping. They should continue their regular medicines. 

How Loni Love Is Taking Care of herself During the Pandemic

TV host and comedian Loni Love is taking care of herself during the pandemic and she wants to help others too.

In my Mediaplanet article, the “The Real” co-host explains the importance of self-care, checking in on friends and supporting the Black community.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Mental is just as important as physical health, and especially during a pandemic where you’re spending a lot of time alone,” she said. “I try to make sure that my friends are OK.”