Understanding Gut Health

Learn about the power of good gut health!

Here’s my Mediaplanet article featuring registered dietitian Dr. Megan Rossi, who wants consumers to understand their gut health and the impact it can have on their bodies.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Over 70 different chronic diseases have now been linked with our gut microbes,” said Dr. Megan Rossi Ph.D., who leads research at King’s College London investigating nutrition-based therapies in gut health, including pre and probiotics, dietary fibers, food additives, and more. She is also known to her social media followers as The Gut Health Doctor.

Rossi noted that studies show good gut health can help people with type two diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, and more.

Actor and Army Veteran JR Martinez on His Rebirth Journey

This Veterans Day, let’s thank and appreciate veterans’ service to country and the community.

For this Mediaplanet article, I interviewed Army veteran, JR Martinez, who was burned on over 30% of his body from in a roadside bomb in Iraq. The “Dancing With the Stars” winner continues to give back to the military community through his motivational speaking, podcast and community outreach.

It’s no wonder the name of his podcast is “REBIRTH with J.R. Martinez.” 

“I believe parts of me died the day I was injured. Other parts of me were born,” he said. “I call it a rebirth because this is essentially my second chance at life.”