A monster of a good time

This Halloween, we made a dessert that’s all treats, no tricks! 

My kids and I had fun making Monster Chocolate Pops from tinyB Chocolate. The San Francisco based company gifted me the family friendly kit.

We made the chocolate pops at home in our kitchen using everything that was included in the kits: white and dark chocolate for the outside of the pops, two types of brigadeiro (Brazilian truffle filling) one in dark chocolate and the other pumpkin spice; popsicle sticks; and fun toppings including bright sprinkles, googly eyes and mini marshmallows. 

We heated and tempered the chocolate before filling the popsicle mold shell, which is included in the kit. The kids decided to make two vanilla, one chocolate, and one marble pop.

We decorated them with the toppings and placed the pops in the freezer for 30 minutes to set. Then they were ready to eat. 

This was a fun and tasty activity for the kids and it wasn’t very messy. A win-win! Order the pops by October 26 so you can make them for Halloween.

“Hey, That’s Mine”

Having a family meal and trying out some dressings and sauces that are made for kids.

This new line of sauces and dressings called “That’s Mine” is making its debut. That’s Mine sent me some samples to try including organic cherry balsamic, organic Italian, organic ketchup, organic lemon-lime, organic mixed berry and organic ranch. The bottles are kids sized and the sauces/dressings are gluten free. 

Our whole family tried the ketchup which has no refined sugars, as well as the Italian dressing.  Both were tasty for the kids and adults. Picky eaters will likely want to try these sauces and dressings.