Feeling #SunStoppable!

I have fair skin and wear SPF 30 or higher every day. It’s something I’ve done for a long time. I want to protect my skin and prevent it from getting burned. Let’s face it: sun burns hurt, peel and cause blemishes.

My Colorscience makeover by celebrity makeup artist Julianne Kaye
My makeover with Colorescience products by celebrity makeup artist Julianne Kaye.

I’m always interested in learning more about and trying new sunscreen products. That’s why I had such a great time at Colorescience’s “Sunforgettable Summer” event at Tower23 Hotel in San Diego yesterday.

Celebrity makeup artist Julianne Kaye gave me a makeover, using Colorescience’s skincare and mineral makeup products including face primer (SPF 30), loose mineral sunscreen (SPF 50) and lip shine (SPF 35).

“Jules,” as Julianne asked me to call her, has done makeup and styling for celebrities including Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson and Scarlett Johansson. In about 30 minutes, she transformed my look from everyday to “wow.” I received compliments all day, especially on my eyes.

Colorescience is based in Carlsbad, CA and the company’s COO Josie Juncal, who is from San Diego, loves living in the sunny region. She knows firsthand the importance of wearing adequate sunscreen. Juncal says while most women apply sunscreen in the morning, many don’t want to reapply SPF later in the day, fearing the touchup will ruin their makeup. The loose sunscreen powder is a great way to touch up your makeup later in the day.

Celebrity makeup artist Julianne Kaye applying Colorscience makeup
Celebrity makeup artist Julianne Kaye doing makeovers at Colorescience’s #Sunstoppable event at Tower23 Hotel in San Diego.

The Colorescience products, sold online and in dermatologists’ offices, don’t skimp on sun protection. They have higher SPFs (as mentioned above) than most store-bought sunscreens, plus they’re water resistant. For example, the lip shine is water resistant for 40 minutes and the loose mineral sunscreen provides 80 minutes of water resistance.

Colorscience event at Tower 23 in San Diego
Colorescience’s “Sunforgettable Summer” event at Tower23 Hotel in San Diego.

Colorescience gave me some skincare and makeup goodies. I’m going to use them as part of my daily commitment to great skin and using sunscreen. #SunStoppable

Celebrating BubbleWeek

Don’t you just love bubbles? They’re fun to make and awesome to watch. And you don’t have to be a kid to get in on the fun. Still kids really love blowing bubbles. Mine do, anyway.

Bubble fun

That’s why it’s fun to celebrate National Bubbleweek, which started in 2000. Bubbles are fun every week but they’re a great reminder this time of year that Spring is coming!

Here’s a bubble experiment, courtesy of Gazillion Bubbles:

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.28.52 PM

“Don’t Try This At Home” Show = Science Made Fun!

Science is always interesting but it’s really cool, (especially for kids), when it’s fun!

That’s why we loved the preview of the “Don’t Try This At Home” science show at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Dry Ice
Dry ice is always a hit!

There was a lot of quiet anticipation, followed by gasps and giggles and silliness, as well as questions like, “How’d they do that?”

The 20-minute shows run throughout the day at 15 minutes past the hour.

I’ve watched this hair dryer + toilet paper on a paint roller video a lot and it doesn’t get old!